If you have a prayer request that you would like to have shared here on our web page or shared with our prayer warriors for private prayer, please contact the church office and we will be honored to stand in the gap for you.
Prayer Requests
* For those afflicted with COVID-19
* The Scientists and Medical Personal as they seek a vaccine and are treating patients
* Our Police, Firefighters, Paramedics, and Military
* That we might see people with the eyes and heart of God
* Our church that we will be faithful to God and live the more we are called to be
* For those who struggle at varying degrees with drug and alcohol addiction
* For our schools as they seek to answer how to educate our children safely this year
* United Methodist Denomination and the denominational leaders
* All those who are suffering from addictions
* Prayers needed for a family friend who is grieving the loss of their mother & just found out their father has a large mass in his pelvic area. 
* Earl Hoffmeyer will be having surgery 1st week of October,
Mechelle Trafelet’s mother will be having surgery middle of October.
* The family of Jeremy Zeitz, and for Brevyn Willford
* Prayers for those that are shut ins , they feel so alone. May love and peace fill their heart.
* A friend fell down the stairs at her home and broke her femur. Surgery is in the morning at 10 am. So glad it was not her hip. Remember her in prayer please!
* Prayers for my (Michael) planned return to the Philippines in November
* I did manage to fall off a ladder Friday. Having dizzy spells still (concussion). I think we all need prayers for anything that may be giving us issues, whether it be personal, family, or friend related. Pray for all.
* Beaverton and Gladwin United Methodist Churches – direction, love, unity and leading of the Lord.
* Salvation for daughter in law.