Have you thought about what to do with your tithes & offerings while you are traveling or during this time of COVID shelter-in-place? Or, do you (like me) find the process of writing a check tiresome or even struggle with remembering to do it? Even while you travel and are away, the ministry of the church continues and needs your continued support. We are inviting you to consider a new way of giving.
Banks today offer on-line banking. One of the features of this is that you can pay your bills through the on-line banking web page. This feature also allows you to send your tithes & offerings without physically writing a check and it is a free service of your bank. If you have any questions, please ask your bank for details. What an amazing time saver! And, as always you can mail your tithes and offering to the church at 309 South M-18, Gladwin, MI 48624.
During this time of COVID the ministry of the church still continues. We may not be meeting in person as we traditionally do, but the church of God is still in business. Your faithfulness to the Lord in tithes and offerings makes a difference. During this time of shelter-in-place we are still serving Second Saturday Supper, we are still putting out devotions, sermons, Bible studies, and we are still carrying on the day to day operations of the church. When we return in 2021 we will resume our music ministry, children’s programs, mission activities, women’s and men’s groups, and even launch new ministries. We thank you for your faithfulness to God and in support of the church by the giving of your tithes and offerings.