The other day I was pulling weeds in the garden (I know, I should do it more) and I got a thorn in my finger. Not a big deal, just a thorn. But, it did get me looking at my hands and arms. I have some scars! I can even identify when I got most of them….attack by a cat, falling into a thorn bush,….in looking at them I have decided that maybe I am not the most graceful. But, scars do tell an interesting story about the life we lead, don’t they?

I wrote a children’s book once about a little girl who climbed up onto her daddy’s lap one day and noticed the scars all over her daddy’s hands and asked him about them. He began to tell her how he got each one – doing something that bring her joy or provide for her. They were scars of love. A father’s love. And, there is a name that I love – father. I have a few favorite names of God, one of which is Abba, which means in Aramaic “father”. I love knowing that our God is also our Father and that He is always there for us to love us, correct us, protect us, provide for us, laugh with us, hold us when we cry, and….the list is endless. I also love knowing that the hands of Jesus have scars on them, too, because He loves us.

Men, some of you are fathers and some are not but all of you are being watched. All of you make a difference in someone’s life. All of you are important. I know that the role of a man of God is not easy. There are so many pressures and attacks from the world. There are so many calls to compromise your Biblical morals and standards. Yes, your role is difficult and I realize that maybe not your hands but your heart has scars. I would like to say thank you to all of our Christian men who sacrifice, who love, who give of themselves, who seek to put God first…thank you for loving God and loving us. Thank you for being men of God. And, Happy Father’s Day.

Living Above and Beyond with God and together,

Your Pastor