On August 28, 1963 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. gave probably his most famous speech. He delivered it on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial to a group assembled to march in Washington D.C. for civil rights. Dr. King boldly proclaimed that he had a dream, a dream where Americans would and could live together in a better world than what was. Well, I have a dream too.

I have dream where Christians live in unity, not just unity within the local church, but unity where we are in step with the wider, universal church. I have a dream where all lives matter, not just the lives that look like us but all lives. I have a dream that the church rises up and lives the more that we are called to be. I have a dream where we, the church, make no compromises and stand faithful before the Lord and world. I have a dream where the church is moved with great compassion to reach to the unsaved with the truth of God’s grace, mercy, and overwhelming love – telling them that salvation is free and available to all. I have a dream that our churches are overflowing with people coming to Him to worship and be changed. O yes, I have a dream.

I am not the only one who has dreams about and for the church – you do as well. As we are moving into the next half of this year we are beginning to wrestle with the idea though some of our dreams may not come true. And, that is hard. I am discovering this is my own life. I have dreams of programs, trips, activities, missions….that probably won’t happen this year as I have envisioned. There are also the things that I like that we have been doing….and some of those things have had to stop or at the least look very different from what was. And, it is hard.

Not to long ago, I preached on burning our ships – letting go of the past and walking with the Lord into the new. This past Sunday, we actually burned ships as we let go of some things that were keeping us from fully worshipping God in the moment that we are in. And, now here we are in July where we are all about celebrating the birth of our nation and our freedom and I want us to talk about our freedom in Christ. You see – when you burn something you create a space for something to be built. And, we are free to dream about something new, something bigger, something – are you ready for it? Something MORE.

So, as you are watching your ships burn I invite you to spend time with the Lord and ask Him to give you a new dream. Let us dream about the more and then let us live it!


Made for More!

Your Pastor